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JEP Men & Dogs

I set about this project because I know a lot of men who love their dogs. Men who pick them up, kiss their faces, sing to them & hang out with them in the garage. They take them out for drives for timbits & people watching... men who smush their faces against their dogs faces when they get home from a long day, and ask them daily why they are so cute. Men who adventure out with their buddies to enjoy Mother Nature, who make sure their furry partner's bandannas are straight so everyone is looking sharp, & who invite them up for a snugg & some Netflix on a rainy Sunday morning. Men who look forward to weekends spent in a cold barn doing agility, packing up for a weekend dog show, or standing in a downpour, waiting their turn at the herding clinic. 

So why is it, then, that I do so many more sessions for women clients than men? I can't say why that is (and please keep in mind I adore all my clients so much!), & I don't want to assume anything on anyone's part, but it did inspire me to want to share more of the dynamic and relationships between men & their dogs. 

I decided to put together a small project, which in itself is completely new to me. A simple project to highlight the love between men and their fur covered buddies, partners, sidekicks, & best companions. 


Andre & Darwin


Les & Co.


Stephen & Fortune


Connor & Dude

Check back for more projects!

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