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Andre & Darwin

Meet Darwin and his human Andre, the first due of JEP's Men & Dogs project. Andre & his wife met Darwin a few years ago, when he was almost a year old and looking for a home. Andre was immediately hooked by Darwin's grin, and his shy ways. Darwin, who up until then had been pretty standoffish with others, warmed right up to them. 

The relationship between these two is best described as easy. Darwin looks up at Andre and pads easily beside him. Andre looks down at Darwin, murmuring a conversation just between boys (although, you can generally overhear "buddy" at least once; I promise I wasn't eavesdropping). Andre might scoop Darwin up for a cuddle, Darwin might butt bump Andre for a butt scratch.

They're just so clearly best buds, and I highly expect they always will be.  Thank you so much for your participation, fellas! What a treat to capture moments between buddies. 

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