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“My session with Danielle at Journey East Photography was far more than a photo session. In such a busy world, my session felt like time to connect with & appreciate my 13-year-old soul dog. She ensured it was fun a experience for both him and I by respecting his needs and following his lead. I think from his perspective, we had a gentle walk with a friend. The pictures somehow perfectly reflect what I think of when I think about my relationship with him; over a decade of love and loyalty. Thank you, Danielle, for a memory Ollie and I will cherish forever”

— Ollie & Robyn


“I had been admiring Danielle’s photography for some time, so booking a session for myself and my dog was a no-brainer. Danielle’s gentle direction helped both awkward owner and dog pose in exactly the right way while still being ourselves. Being that I had followed her work, I expected the photos would be great. But WOW. Our laid back, silly, goofy session full of laughs turned into photographs that truly captured our relationship and the beautiful nature around us. These are photos that I will cherish forever.”

— Hudson & Ashley

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