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Les, Jackson & Memphis

Presenting Les, Jackson & Memphis. When Les emailed me about this project, he attached the most adorable and also badass (not sure those two words can/should be used together?) photo of his pups & him. I knew right away that no one from this trio had an issue being in front of the camera!

Les brought along Jackson, a wise & handsome dude, and Memphis, a reserved girl best described as a "pocket cattle dog" (your dad's words, Memphis, not mine!). After our initial introductions, he went straight to work loving on his dogs. What more could a photographer want!? 

The sun was warm, the light magnificent, the love and knowing between these three truly something. Les knows his pups so well, tending to each with great care. In turn, they leaned into his touch, booped his face, and looked up at him as if to say "what next, dad?".

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