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Stephen & Fortune

Welcome JEP Men & Dogs #3! Fortune, or Garrison's Fortunate One, is a special boy: ethically bred by Stephen & his wife, born and raised in their home, and oh so aptly named. Fortune & Stephen are an incredible team, and watching them together, be it working or just hanging out, is watching something very special. They can herd sheep, run an agility obstacle course, hang with the guys, and then head home for a snugg and some quality time on the couch. 

This shoot had me laughing nonstop while Fortune demanded butt scratches and contorted himself into positions only an Aussie can achieve (am I right, Aussie owners!?). 

The dramatic November landscape did not disappoint, the golden grasses perfectly complementing Fortune's coat, while these boys hung out and showed me all about who they truly are: partners, buddies, & not afraid to show each other a little love. 

Thank you so much Stephen and Fortune for your participation in this project, and for allowing me to capture a such a great partnership.

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