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JEP: What Not to Wear

Just kidding. But I do get a lot of questions about what to wear to a photo session. &, although I can barely dress myself on a good day, I have discovered a few things along the years that I want to share with you!

Before I start my ramble, I want to highlight that the focus of your shoot with me is on the relationship between you & your animal, not so much the clothes. These are meant to be simple tips to help you if you're struggling on where to start.

My #1 tip: wear something comfortable.

This is the first thing that comes out of my mouth if a client asks me what to wear.


Well, for one, I'm definitely going to be asking you to move around, crouch, sit down on the ground, cross your legs, squat, bend; basically the daily workout you didn't ask for.

But more importantly, if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, you won't be as confident as you would be if you're sporting your favourite pair of jeans and waffle shirt.

On the other hand, want to get out of your comfort zone & treat yourself to something new!? Then take your outfit for a test run before the shoot! Wear it on a date, or around the house. Move around, check yourself out (damn right!), and get comfortable in it! That way, if you're rushing on the day of the shoot, you won't have any unpleasant surprise like your new pants doing that weird crotch thing (bunchy-crotch, amiright?) you didn't notice in the store, or the shirt doesn't hang quite like you thought.

Basically: wear something comfortable, that you feel confident in, & that you can move in.

Secondly, colours!

Neutral tones are your best friend when it comes to the camera! While earth tones & jewel tones make me squee (inwardly, I promise), grey, white and denim are all also great options, as well as black. Other options are rich, warm tones. Something to note is straight black & white can be a bit harsh.

When styling more than one human, consider outfits that are complementary vs matching. An easy way to do this for people who are a little less fashion savvy (like myself) is to make sure there is one colour that is found in each person's outfit. For example, if your scarf is burgundy, consider a burgundy cardigan or hat for your partner or child.

Or, pick a focus colour, and each person includes this colour somewhere in their outfit (this is sometimes easier for people who won't be getting ready together or that don't live in the same household). That could be a pair of shorts, a pattern that includes that particular colour, the t-shirt under your cardigan, or your boots! This can also be done with two focus colours!

Once you figure out a few options that can work, lay them out on a neutral background in natural light, and admire your newfound skill. Does something not seem quite right? Trust your eye. Switch it out for something else, and see where it takes you.

Don't forget there's one subject who can't change their outfit... your pet! It's good to consider what colour your animal is, so you can try to incorporate the colour of their coat, collar, leash, halter or lead line into the overall tone you've decided on.

Styling yourself & another person doesn't have to be hard, and can very likely be done with something you already have in your closet!

Third, let's talk patterns!


That's it.

Just kidding! I love patterns. But patterns can be busy, and therefore distracting. If you choose to go with a pattern, consider a simple pattern. Plaid is always a great option!

Not quite on the same topic of patterns, but let's discuss logos! My suggestion is to avoid logos that are very large & obvious, unless it's your barn jacket or family business that you'd proudly like to show off. This, of course, is up to you in the end!

Fourth, consider with whom you're sharing the spotlight!

If you & your Samoyeds are getting ready for photoshoot, and SOMEONE isn't done blowing their coat, perhaps a black sweater isn't the best option. On the other hand, if you're ready to rock your photoshoot dog hair & all, I'm all for it! I will be happy to showcase all the wonderful things that go into dog ownership, shedding season and all!

& finally, bring an extra shirt (just in case)!

Doing sessions with animals, you're bound to get a little bit dirty. Getting down on the ground with your dog, cuddling your horse's face, sometimes these can leave dirty paw prints or green lines of slobber on that gorgeous white shirt you're wearing.

While we all know the little love stamps are part of the deal, you may want to consider bringing an equally well-loved shirt along with you if you don't necessarily want them in your photos.

I hope you found this helpful & that this has aided in quelling some of the pre-session overwhelm.

Is there anything you would add? Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

Danielle at JEP


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