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Little, Tiny, Soft, Golden Moments

I was reminded recently about the "little things", & how much they matter.

We all know how much they matter, I like to think. But we forget. The things that bring you joy, for example, or where you experience connection.

They can be small, but so significant. A drive with your loved one. A laughing-fit with a coworker. An unexpected phone call with a friend.

They all contribute to our well-being so much, but sometimes we brush them aside because they didn't seem significant, not like a trip to Italy or buying a new car, anyway.

There are so many little moments of connection when we spend time with our animals. Little moments that happen so often we don't really recognize them after a while. The way you gently place your hand on your horse's bum as you sneak around behind him to brush his other side. The way his ears flick in your direction while you speak softly about your day. They're there when your dog drops her favourite toy in your lap, or the way she heads for the living room because she saw you grab your cup of tea and your book, and she knows that's where you're going.

Little, tiny, soft, golden moments of joy and connection in your everyday.

Moments brought to us by these small & large extra-special creatures we share our lives with.

Moments we wouldn't even know we're missing if we didn't have them.

So, I'm passing along the reminder.

If I can help you with your little, golden moments of joy, please reach out via the contact form on my website! I am a photographer in East Hants, Nova Scotia servicing Enfield, Elmsdale, Stewiacke, Shubenacadie, Fall River, & beyond, to unveil the genuine & profound connection between you and your animals, regardless of species: dogs, horses, cats, or even cows, chickens or donkeys!


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