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2022's First

Meet Sophie & Sadie, and their humans, Jill & Paul.

Jill was the other winner of the Nomination Giveaway from last Fall, & my first shoot of 2022.

Sadie & Sophie are both curly girls with the most opposite characters. Sadie, blonde, kept a hawk eye watch on Jill, prefered to be the center of attention at all times, sometimes frolicked if her humans were within an acceptable distance, & was not shy when it came to sprinkling them with her affection.

Sophie, blue, however, is a little older & a little wiser to the ways of the world. She checked in with us & gave me her absolute best ears, all while also scanning the treeline for squirrels. She sniffed the messages left for her along the trail's edge, tolerated her sister's shenanigans, and waited patiently near her humans until they were ready to walk again (or until the lady with the camera let them ).

These four had an easy way of being together, & an easy love for one another. I always imagine dynamics like these are founded in a lot of time spent with one another, be it adventures, or couch time. It's always special to be able to be a part of these types of relationships, even if it's just for a short time.

Jill ended up writing me such a nice testimonial after the fact, that I'm compelled to share it below. Thank you so much, Jill.


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