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Get the Photos

Here's your reminder: get the photos.

Some of these fur-covered soulmates are no longer with us, some of them are senior citizens & still living their best lives.

Some were nowhere near the end of their years when we took the photos, but have since passed on.

Some of these photos were taken on short notice, urgent emails sent by devastated humans who had just heard the news of their nightmares from a trusted vet.

Some didn't make it into my view finder, because despite everything, I was too late.

Here is your reminder: get the photos with your best one.

Whether it's by a pet photographer like yours truly, or you give your phone to a friend to document a few moments, or you set up your selfie timer on a tripod in the backyard. Whether you're on the edge of the cliffs on the Eastern Shore after a hike, cuddled on the couch, or enjoying a drive after having hit up Tim's for a timbit: just get the photos.

You know this about me by now; my favourite subjects in the whole entire world are senior pets & their owners. I adore puppies & tiny, spindly-legged foals, dogs who have just hit adolescence & are so full of spice they can barely sit still, those been-there-done-that geldings you've spent years learning on. I love them all, so much.

But there is something about a pet & a human who have spent a decade or more together. You & your senior have something no one else has: a deep, vibrant, soundless connection that no one else has, & that no one can take from you. The mind will remember many moments for you, to come back to after you've lost a dear furry partner. But to have something tangible you can hold, especially in those heartbroken moments after profound loss, that is worth something.

So please, make sure you get the photos.


PS: If you're in the East Hants, Nova Scotia area & you'd like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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