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Fergus & Kaitlyn, January 2021

When I first posted about Fergus, I had to give fair warning because he was absolutely the sweetest weanling I've ever met. Not only that, he was hands down the most well-handled and respectful little sir I could recall being in the presence of.

I ventured out to meet Fergus and Kaitlyn last January. Being a "horse girl" first, my soul was jazzed at being able to capture two beings this early in their relationship.

There was a stillness in the air when I arrived. That quiet where you can hear a stubborn leaf finally hitting the ground, somewhere in the trees off to your left. That quiet that allows you to hear even the smallest snowflakes touching the ground, tired after their journey from the sky. Off to my right, a mare surveyed me expectantly, but didn't move from the round bale in front of her. All around me were my favourite smells and sounds: hay, horses & the outdoors.

Kaitlyn & Fergus have a pretty special story. Kaitlyn was there when Fergus was born. She knows his ma. She has been around since the very beginning of his (then) 10 month old life. That's unique in the horse world. Not everyone can say they've witnessed the awkward, leggy growth of their partner, or be there to help them get the best start possible. Pretty special, I'd say.

I may have only spent a short time with Kaitlyn and Fergus, but I was immediately struck by their relationship. It was clear Kaitlyn spent enormous amounts of time with this fuzzy boy. Handling, caring for, & I'm sure just hanging out. I would say maybe a lot of conversations in there, too; some whispered, some laughed. Some happy, some painful.

It's honestly my favourite thing, this capturing relationships thing. No big deal, really (expect that it's the biggest deal).

Thanks Kaitlyn for letting me out to meet you & your remarkable boy. What a way to start the year of 2021.


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