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  • Danielle

Wild, free... & real.


Words that may come to mind: lascivious, racy, awkward, courageous... or perhaps, "oh HELL no!"

Perhaps you've entertained the idea of a boudoir photo session. Perhaps the mere thought of it induces palpitations and beadlets of sweat, or even a nose wrinkle paired with a brow furrow ("say whaaaaat!").

Well, folks. Boudoir doesn't have to mean awkward poses, lingerie you woudn't ever otherwise wear, gigantic fake eyelashes, or even a lot of skin. Boudoir can be anything that makes you feel pretty and well, you. If the above does it for you, have at 'er!

But, if you are more comfortable in the great outdoors with a rifle in your hands, or waist deep, naked in the water?... I'd be more than happy to capture that for you. Insert cheeky grin here.

With permission, I am pleased to share with you some photos of an end of September boudoir session that I did for a badass girl-next-door.

This smokeshow was gracious to let me share a few photos. And although she is gorgeous, inside & out, a true country girl, strong & with a beautiful heart, she isn't someone I would have thought would ask me to do a boudoir session ... And yet she nailed every. single. photo. She didn't believe me at first, but once she got used to seeing herself in such an elegantly sexy light, and through the eyes of those who love her, she fell in love with her photos and proudly showed them off.

Shooting this session was inspiring. I hope it can serve as inspiration for others, as well. Not necessarily to go out and book a boudoir session (although, if you want to, why not!?), but to realize that we are braver and more capable than we sometimes believe. We can surprise ourselves.

Be brave. Surprise yourself. Do something everyday that frightens you.

*To note: I am by no means bashing your typical boudoir glamour shots. I think you should do what makes your soul smile, be it indoor, classic photos or something a little more outdoorsy. Here, I merely present to you a slightly different angle to (hopefully) enjoy.


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